About Historicist.info

This site first and foremost is about the Historicist view of Biblical Prophecy concerning Eschatology. If you are unfamiliar with Historicism, this site will provide you with a plethora of information and links regarding this view. Wikipedia defines it this way:

Historicism is a school of interpretation which treats the eschatological prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as finding literal earthly fulfillment through the history of the church age and especially in relation to the struggle between the true church and apostasy. Historicism stands in contrast to Preterism, Futurism and Idealism.

This site is the result of the forensic recovery of Historicist.com. The majority of the site contains links to other resources on Historicism (and in some cases, to information regarding Preterism and Futurism). Many of those links are to personal sites, some of which were on free services. As such, some of that information has disappeared as well. It will be an ongoing work for us to, as the Lord wills, recover material that is being lost.

It is important to note that the size and magnitude of this recovery effort is very large. As such, there may be areas of the site that have missing data, images, broken links, or are otherwise incomplete.

It is not our intention to violate copyright. Much of the work contained directly on this site comes from public domain works (the texts of Isaac Newton, for example). Other work may be part of our forensic recovery efforts. If you belive that there is material that does not constitute fair use or is not otherwise public domain, please contact us.

A Note on Theology and Doctrine

It is important to point out that this site and the content presented is focused solely on the research of the Historicist view of eschatology. There are articles and links provided by and to a great many discussions, sermons, and other resources that give much information on this view.

However, this is in no way an endorsement of those particluar persons other views on doctrine. Just because we link to a particular article by a particular pastor does not mean that we agree with every utterance from his mouth. The ultimate standard of measure is the Holy Bible.