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The Earthquake in Revelation 16

As I prophesied, there was a noise and behold a shaking and the bones came.“And there was a great earthquake…and the great city was divided into three parts.” Rev. 16:19

A civil war is to erupt that will break the great city Babylon “into three parts”. These are
the same three parts that united six verses earlier… the beast, the dragon and the false
prophet. (Rev. 16:13) Identifying this mysterious trio is the key to understanding
Armageddon. Three clues help solve the puzzle.

First, there is a pattern in Bible prophecy of double dreaming. Joseph as a young man dreamed two dreams…one dream of the sheaves and another of the sun, moon and stars. Both dreams revealed the same thing. Later in prison, he interpreted two more dreams, one for the butler and one for the baker.

Finally, Pharoh dreamed two dreams of the cows and the corn. Then Joseph explained
the principal. He told Pharoh that his two dreams were one. The dreams were doubled because God had established them and they would shortly come to pass. (Gen 25:32)

Daniel was another double dreamer. Nebuchadrezzar dreamed of a metal man and Daniel
dreamed the same dream after him. Then, in old age, he had a dream which paralleled
this earlier dream. Here wild beasts represented the same four gentile kingdoms. The first dream was established by the second…a double witness from God.

The second clue is that everything in the Apocalypse is in groups of seven. And even though it is not stated explicitly, there are seven beasts. Daniel saw four in his two visions. The lion, bear,
leopard and ten horned beast were the gold, silver, brass and iron of his first vision.

In the book of Revelation, John saw three beasts rising from the pit, the sea and the land.
He also saw these beasts in later visions. He called them the dragon, the beast and the false
prophet. Each beast appears in separate visions and has two names.

The third clue is that in the end, these seven beasts become an eighth. In chapter 16
verse 13 when the dragon, beast and false prophet unite, you have the three beasts
of Revelation (sea, pit and land beasts) together with their alternate names.

The sea beast is made up of the four beasts of Daniel’s vision. It has the mouth of a lion,
feet of a bear, body of a leopard and ten horns. (Rev 13:2) Therefore when the three beasts become one you have all seven. The eighth beast is said to be “of the seven”…the seven beasts of the Apocalypse. (Rev. 17:11)

The seven vials of Chapter 16 tell a story. The first five vials pertain to the French Revolution. The sixth vial was the drying up of the Ottoman power. This phase ended with World War I at about 1919. At that time an attempt was made to unite the three beasts with the League of Nations.

Later the United Nations was attempted and finally the N.W.O. succeeded in uniting the
United States, the revived Holy Roman Empire and Illuminati Masonic Communism,
the beasts from the land, sea and pit. (The fall of Communism in 1989 was an illusion…
the mystery of Revelation 17:11)

Chapter 16 continues. The seventh vial is a great earthquake in a place called
“Armageddon”. Here the dragon, beast and false prophet will be shaken into three parts.
Not only shaken apart, but ground to powder. (Dan 2:44)

It has all been double dreamed. Therefore it will surely come to pass.

First Vision Second Vision Fulfillment Bible Reference
Head of Gold Lion Babylon Daniel 2, 7
Chest of Silver Bear Persia Daniel 2, 7
Belly of Brass Leopard Greece Daniel 2, 7
Legs of Iron Ten Horned Beast Rome Daniel 2, 7
Sea Beast Beast HRE Rev 13,16
Pit Beast Dragon Ill/Mas/Com Rev 11, 16
Land Beast False Prophet United States Rev 13, 16
False Trinity Eighth Beast N.W.O. Rev 16, 17


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