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Ezekiel saw Brother fight Brother

"Every man's sword shall be against his brother." Ezekiel 38:21

Ezekiel revealed in chapter 37 that israel would be regathered and the dry bones would be animated again by the Spirit. They have been regathered in the wilderness but the bones are still dry.

The land of unwalled villagesIn chapter 38, he reveals that they are attacked.. Note that they are dwelling safely in cities with out bars or gates in a land of prosperity. (38:11) These are the very expressions that Zechariah used to describe Israel in the new jerusalem.

Jerusalem is not dwelling in safety and their's is but one city with bars and gates. Further, if Gog and Magog were to attack Jerusalem they would go down. But, Ezekiel said they went up which would be over the pole and down thru Canada. Canada is an Indian word that means unwalled villiage.

They are attacked by Gog and Magog, the same force that Zechariah describes as all the armies of the world (Zech 12:1) and John sees drawn together by the spirits of devils.(Rev.16:14)

When the hordes come over the pole from the north (38:15) there is an earthquake (38:19,20) And this political revolution is followed by a verse which implies a civil war. The storm comes from the North. The remnant of the woman's is in the Bible belt in the South.

Brother will fight brother again, not in Jerusalem but in the wilderness.



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