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Ezekiel 37

As I prophesied, there was a noise and behold a shaking and the bones came together, bone to his bone. Eze 37:7

These bones are the whole house of Israel. Eze 37:11

The prophet Ezekiel was told to prophesy to a valley of dry bones. They were resurrected right before his eyes. As this ghastly spectacle unfolded, there was a noise and a shaking as the bones came together. The word “shaking” in Ezekiel 37:7 is the same Hebrew word used in Ezekiel 38:19 and it is interpreted earthquake. This is the same end time earthquake of Zechariah 14 and Revelation 16:18.

The bones are said to be the whole house of Israel. For this reason, they can’t be literal bones, a bodily resurrection, or a revival of the church. Further, this resurrection cannot refer to the Jews for the “whole” house of Israel must include all 12 tribes.

Ezekiel wrote when both kingdoms were in captivity and Jerusalem was in ruins. In this dark hour, God gave him a vision of hope. He revealed that in the end the descendants of the two kingdoms would again become one nation. Ezekiel saw the national resurrection of Israel.

Three times God told Ezekiel that he would gather the children of Israel “into their own land”. It is common to think that the Jews have fulfilled this prophecy in their return to Palestine. But as we have seen this prophecy is of the whole house of Israel. Further, Bible prophecy reveals that Israel is far from Old Jerusalem in the end times, they are in New Jerusalem.

Revelation 12 tells the story of Israel’s flight from Jerusalem into the wilderness where in the end only a commandment keeping remnant stand in the final battle. And Zephaniah looked west from Jerusalem to find this regathered remnant in the Southern Bible belt.

The bones lie quietly now awaiting the appointed hour, the movement of the spirit. And as if to confirm this prophecy there is a haunting expectancy unique to this region of a coming national revival.

Save your confederate money boys, The South’s gonna rise again.

Can these bones live?

That a God fearing remnant of Israel has been regathered in the South as prophesied over 2500 years ago should be a coincidence is astronomically improbable. And the fulfillment of the first part of Ezekiel’s prophecy is the assurance that the rest of the prophecy is about to be fulfilled. All appearances to the contrary, we can know that this remnant of Israel is about to be transformed into an exceeding great army.(Eze 37:10)

But Ezekiel 38 reveals that this awakening will trigger an attack from the North. Brother shall fight brother … again. (Eze 38:19) And according to Ezekiel, there is going to be a whole lot a shaking going on.


Three Interpretations

The Old Jerusalem is not the New Jerusalem