The Woman in Distress

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“And at that time shall Michael stand up…and there shall be a time trouble, such as never was since there was a nation.

Daniel 12:1

“Alas, for that day is great…it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble.

Jeremiah 30:7

Jeremiah and Daniel are writing of the same end time crisis. Jacob was renamed Israel. Thus we know that the descendants of Israel are headed for trouble in the wilderness.

We saw that the land beast will speak like a dragon. But further we learn that it will make an image to the beast. (Rev 13:14) In Two Babylons, Alexander Hislop clearly reveals that this image to the beast is the worship of the queen of heaven, Babylons first queen Semeramis.

Today this idolatrous worship is thinly veiled in the adoration of Mary, Gaia, Sophia and the many goddesses of paganism. The frightful reality of this prophecy became apparent when the New World Order unveiled the twelve golden stars on the field of blue in 1989. This flag clearly signifies the crown of the queen of heaven. Catholics recognize the flag as representing the Virgin.

The Popes were head of the Holy Roman Empire, but the revived holy roman empire has been dedicated to Mary. Ultimately allegiance the queen with the golden cup riding the scarlett beast will be enforced by a death decree.

The worship of the queen of heaven brought judgement upon Israel. (Jer44:17) This was written to be a warning to future generations. But, the warning is sounded again by an angel who who cries if anyone worships the beast or its image he will drink God’s wrath. (14:9)

There will be a remnant in the wilderness that will stand like Daniel’s three friends. They would not bow to the golden image of Babylon’s king. And once again the Lord will stand with a faithful remnant in the fire.

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