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The Wilderness Beast

"So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast." Rev 17:3

Not only is the woman in the wilderness, but the beast that is to wage war upon her is in the wilderness as well. And another woman is sitting upon it. Babylon's harlot queen.

All these beasts can get confusing until you realize that there are 7 beasts inRome, the forth Beast the Apocalypse, four in Daniel and three in Revelation. The four beasts in Daniel are in chapter 7. they are the lion, bear, leopard and ten horned beast. They represent the kingdoms of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome.

The three beasts in Revelation are the pit beast(ch 11) and the sea beast and land beast in revelation 13. The three beasts in Revelation become one in the end and form an eighth beast. Since the sea beast is made up of the first four beasts(body of leopard, feet of bear, mouth of lion with 10 horns), then when the three beasts of revelation combine (sea, land and pit) the new beast is an 8th made up of the seven beasts before it.

That is why the wilderness beast is called the 8th of 7.

The number eight figuratively represents resurrection. The 8th beast is the first beast again.

The first beast was Babylon. In addition, the 8th beast is the resurrected pit beast. The pit beast, communism, ended in 1989 and all the world rejoiced. But the beast that was,is not and yet is. (Rev 17:11) The same year it fell it raised a blue flag with twelve golden stars.

Eight and thirteen are often used together in scripture. Therefore it is not surprising that the 8th beast has 13 horns. The sea beast has ten horns and a little horn,the land beast has two horns and the pit beast none. The United States has thirteen woven through its history and heraldry to mark it as the thirteen horned beast of revelation 13.

Every prophetic event has it's appointed time. The thirteen horned beast appeared on the stage of history in 1992. And 1992 was 2595 years from the fall of Jerusalem in 603 BC. In Bible prophecy, this date was a 1335 (1260 + 1260 +75).

This thirteen horned beast is also appointed to wage war upon the woman.



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