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List of Books by Carole C. Carlson

With Hal Lindsey

Late Great Planet Earth (71)
Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth (72)
There is a New World Coming?? (73
The Liberation of Planet Earth?? (74)
The Terminal Generation World's Final Hour: Evacuation or Extinction
Guilt Trip: How to Realize God's Forgiving Love

With David Jeremiah

Invasion of Other Gods
Escape the Coming Night
The Handwriting on the Wall

Exposing the Myths of Parenthood

With Dale Evans

Our Values: Stories and Wisdom

With Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom:Her Life, Her Faith
In My Father's House

By Herself

A Light in Babylon
Established in Eden
Straw Houses in the Wind

With Various Others

Say Yes to Your Potential with Skip Ross
Jimmy the Innocent with John Corcoran