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[One of the first sermons I preached, years ago, consisted of scores of quotes from earlier Bible teachers and commentators predicting, on the basis of Scripture, the revival of Rome and the coming merger of Protestants and Evangelicals with her. Since that time, we have seen the rise of E.C.T. and other pro-Catholic movements (such as Promise Keepers, etc.), that unwittingly prepare the way for the Whore to once again become drunken with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. In a previous Kingdom Alert, I included English Baptist writer, D.M. Panton's, "The Flight of the Papacy." The following additional quotes and excerpts by Panton reveal that not many decades ago, Christians were keenly aware of what the future holds. But today, so many are fast asleep. - J. Faust]

"...all that is heathen in Rome pagan and Rome papal was bodily transported from the Tigris to the Tiber...Rome is veiled Babylon." (May 15, 1924)

"Now the master-fact of the situation is that the passion for reunion, when wedded to a deep unsettlement in Scriptural truth, can lead to but one goal - submission to Rome. This Rome both demands and expects. 'On essential questions,' says Cardinal Mercier, 'such as the primacy of the Pope, neither I nor my friends intend to sacrifice a single article of the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman creed.' 'Papal Infallibility,' says Cardinal Bourne (Times, March 3, 1924), 'is the fundamental doctrine of the Catholic Church; and all discussions are useless and mere waste of time until this doctrine is accepted...

We are confronted once again with the easy leniency which is the fruit of deep ignorance both of the human heart and of the Roman see. Mr. Rattenbury, for example - a foremost Wesleyan - says: -'How is it possible for any body of men who represent one Church of Christians to ignore the existence of what, after all, is the largest body of professing Christians? Is it absolutely incredible that there should be a change of heart in Rome?'...A recent fact, alone, ought to open the eyes of the blindest. On May 27, 1923, in front of the Church of Santa Maria della Navicella a sacred function, in which the clergy took part, was witnessed by a vast crowd. To quote the 'Osservatore Romano' the organ of the Roman Curia: 'there were thrown into the flames many licentious books, immoral periodicals, and PROTESTANT BIBLES, which had been taken from the hands of the young. They were consumed in the fire to the honour of the Madonna.' The Fascisti paper 'Il Popolo d'Italia' responded that the Bible was the foundation of the whole Christian Church, including the Roman Church itself, and that the burning of these copies constituted a repudiation of the words of Jesus Christ Himself.

The 'Osservatore Romano'retorted that if it is permissible for the Facisti to be intolerant in the political field, in burning newspapers that oppose them, likewise it is permissible for the Catholics to burn the Protestant Bibles. It said: - 'It would seem that intolerance in politics is allowed. Now we ask, why can it not be so in religion, when it is not an opinion that is in danger, but the truth...We believe in intolerance.' But even today Rome does not stop at burning Bibles...For the amazing spiritual intoxicant, producing a profound drunkenness foretold for the nations (Rev. Xvii.2, 15), which Rome is able to put to the lips was perhaps never better revealed than by Loyola: - 'The white which I see I would believe to be black if the hierarchical Church were so to rule it'..." (May 15, 1924)

"Profoundly as we are convinced of the ultimate rebuilding of Babylon [literal]...equally profoundly we hold the Papal character of Babylon the Mystic in Revelation xvii..." (Aug. 15, 1924)

"Uniting a medicine and a poison produces a poison, not a medicine...Individual groups are already prepared for submission...Nor is it certain that Modernism, though a disintegrating force bound at last to be at war with itself...will prove any better than a reed of Egypt. 'I would be willing,' says Dean Inge, than whom there is no more outstanding figure in Modernism today, 'to be reordained and reconsecrated by a Roman bishop, if that were the price to be paid for reunion.' Meanwhile, at least a third of the Anglican Church works openly and ceaselessly for Papal absorption...Nor is it at all certain that contemporary 'evangelicalism' is to be relied upon...To cite but one example: the 'Missionary Review of the World,' founded by Dr. A.T. Pierson and still an evangelical organ, says (Oct., 1932) of Ignatius Loyola, the creator of 'the fascists of the Papacy': - 'Here is one who lived consciously in the presence of God, - to whom in this age can we compare him, and why does not our generation produce more men like him?'

If the founder of Jesuitry walked with God, there is no apparent reason why every Jesuit may not be doing so now; an dit is a sin to be out of communion with men who walk with God. The Spirit of God has unveiled in prophecy the very goal to which contemporary facts are thus manifestly heading. The Roman Church's undying claim, emblazoned on her most ancient fane the Lateran -'Mother and Mistress of Churches' is countersigned by the Apocalypse; and with the exquisite accuracy of prophecy...The Roman Church has suffered eclipse, but never death, and her sun bursts into cloudless blaze just ere her final sunset...But he who imagines that the Mother of Harlots - for such are all Churches who compromise with idolatry - has abjured intolerance by an iota is most dangerously ignorant...ecclesiastical power, re-enthroned, inevitably brings back the block and the faggot. Irresistible unity gave birth to the Inquisition.

A work by Cardinal Lepicier published in 1910 with the 'imprimatur' of the Ecclesiastical Authorities, and a special letter from Pius X expressing his 'infinite thankfulness,' says: -'As for the heretics who have wilfully become so, who openly profess heresy and encourage other people by their example and their writings to adopt the same errors, nobody can doubt they deserve, not only to be rejected from the Church by excommunication, but moreover that they are to be taken away by death from the living world (per mortem e vivis auferantur)'...In the words of Canon Melville: - 'Make peace, if you will, with Popery; but be certain that Popery thus honoured and embraced is the very Popery that was loathed and degraded by the holiest of your fathers.' Every privilege we have was bought by the blood of a martyr; and some of us will yet have to lay down our lives in consequence of the great betrayal. By a stoke of the pen in 1917 Benedict XV placed in abeyance the death-penalty for heretics; but a stroke of the pen can restore it." (Dec. 15, 1932)


"No sincere Roman Catholic could or does look for less than a Roman Catholic King, or a Roman Catholic Parliament. Those with whom we are dealing are to wary to apprise you, by any indiscreet conduct, of the dangers to which you are exposed. When those dangers shall have arrived,. I shall have been consigned to the urn, the sepulchre, and mortality; but that that day will arrive I have no more doubt than that I yet continue to exist. You have the words of a man who will son be called to his great account: God forbid, therefore, that I should raise my warning voice did I not deem this measure [Catholic Emancipation Act, 1829] a breach of every notion that I have of a civil contract, a breach of every Article of the Constitution, and contrary to the spirit of those oaths which I have taken to my King. - Lord Chancellor Eldon

Sixty-two percent ('Our Hope' for March reports) of all offices in the United States, both elective and appointive, are now held by Roman Catholics. New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Cleveland, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston have 75 percent Catholic teachers in their public schools. In 90 percent of all criminals executed, a priest administers the 'last sacrament.' In all cities and towns exceeding 10,000 inhabitants, more than 90 percent of the police force is Roman Catholic...

On the progress of the Church of Rome the eyeless fish in the mammoth caves of Kentucky could not be more blind than the main mass of Christian folk. Superficial observers (like Mr. McCabe in his 'Decay of the Church of Rome') point to Census returns and marriage statistics as proofs of a Roman advance that is purely negligible, while apparently they are wholly unconscious of the silent revolution that is de-Protestantizing vast sections of the modern Church...Individual churches and disciples remain above reproach; but the pass is sold. Lord Beaconsfield's words are far more significant and urgent than when first they were uttered: 'We are sinking beneath a power before which the proudest conquerors have grown pale - the power of a foreign priesthood. Your empire and your liberties are more in danger at this present moment than when Napoleon's army of invasion was encamped at Boulogne.' (D.M. Panton, 1926)


Catholicism has now become the largest single religious denomination in American population and congress:

"The Catholic Church, with a record number of 62 million followers in the United States, is facing a severe shortage of priests with no short-term solution in the fold. The number of Catholics in the United States has grown 34 percent since the mid-1960s, primarily through immigration...A report reviewed by the bishops held a number of alarming facts. The Catholic population has grown strongly all across the United States in the past 40 years, but most aggressively in the West and the South. The western U.S. has seen an explosion of 261 percent, while the South has seen 196 percent growth. In the East, church rosters are up 52 percent while the rise is 59 percent for the Midwest...While a priest in 1950 had an average parish size of 650 people, the average size nationwide in 1999 was 1,200. For the West, the ratio was one priest for every 1,752 worshippers...Adding to the mix in Southern California, where Cardinal Roger M. Mahony already leads the nation's largest archdiocese of 4.5 million Catholics, is the huge influx of immigrants, primarily from Latin America and Asian-Pacific countries.

But there is a difference to this wave of immigration than others in U.S. history, Coiro said. 'When the Irish came, they brought their priests with them. When the Italians came, they brought their priests with them,' he said. This time, though, there is a worldwide shortage of priests and few nations, other than Poland and Nigeria, seldom have priests to spare. Mahony has looked to Mexico to fill some of his under-served parishes, which includes severe overcrowding in places such as one in Pico Rivera where two priests serve 5,000 families..." (ABC News, June 21, 2000)

"In 1997, the US Society and Values magazine published an overview of religion in the U.S., using data from the Pluralism Project at Harvard University. They reported:

  1. -63% of Americans (163 million) state that they are actively affiliated with a faith group: Roman Catholicism is the largest single religious group (60 million; 23%)...
  2. -Islam is numerically the fastest growing organized religion in the U.S.

The 1999 'Catholic Almanac' reports that there are 61.5 million Catholics in the U.S.; they comprise 22.7% of the population. This makes the United States the third largest Roman Catholic country in the world, after Brazil and Mexico..." (

Revelation 17:1 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great WHORE that sitteth upon many WATERS: 15 And he saith unto me, The WATERS which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.,

Preach the pure Gospel (not Romish works), and come out of her!