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(Radio Show Transcript from Cutting Edge radio program)

NEWS BRIEF: "Among all the women who have ever lived, the mother of Jesus Christ is the most celebrated, the most venerated...Among Roman Catholics, the Madonna is recognized not only as the Mother of God, but also, according to modern Popes, as the Queen of the Universe, Queen of Heaven, Seat of Wisdom, and even the Spouse of the Holy Spirit." (Time Magazine, "Handmaid or Feminist?", December 30, 1991, p. 62-66).

BIBLE BRIEF: Jeremiah 7:18, "... the women knead the dough, to make cakes for the queen of heaven; and they pour out drink offerings to other gods, that they may provoke Me to anger!"

Could the Roman Catholic Madonna (Mary, physical Mother of Jesus), who is described in the above Time Magazine article as the "Queen of Heaven", be the same as the "Queen of Heaven" which was helping provoke God to anger and judgment in Jeremiah 7:18?

First, let us examine the ancient Queen of Heaven. Most of this information is taken from Alexander Hislop's book, "The Two Babylons", 1917. Hislop traces the Babylon-ian worship of the Queen of Heaven back to the days follow-ing the death of Nimrod. The dating of this event is not known exactly, but seems to date 400+ years after the flood. After Nimrod's death, his wife, Semiramis, was determined to retain her power and wealth. She concocted the story that Nimrod's death was for the salvation of mankind. Nimrod was touted as "the woman's promised seed, Zero-ashta, who was destined to bruise the serpent's head, and in so doing, was to have his own heel bruised." (p. 58-59)

We can easily see that this story is a counterfeit to the true prophecy concerning Jesus Christ. To enable the Babylonian people to better worship this child, a woodcut portrait was created, depicting him in his mother's arms. The mother obviously drew her glory from her deified son. However, "the mother, in the long-run, practically eclipsed the son" in worship. The original picture obviously was meant to merely be a "pedestal for the upholding of the divine son...But, while this...was the design, it is a plain principle in all idolatries that that which most appeals to the senses must make the most powerful impression." (p, 74) The mother obviously created the most powerful visual impression, both because she was an adult and because she was so magnificently arrayed.

Once people began to worship the mother more than the child, Babylonian priests felt forced to issue an edict deifying the mother also. After the passage of still more time, "her son's birth was boldly declared to be miraculous, and therefore she was called ...the Virgin Mother." (p.76) "The highest titles were then bestowed upon her. She was called the Queen of Heaven. In Egypt, she was styled Athor, i.e., the Habitation of God to signify that in her dwelt all the 'fulness of the Godhead'". (p.77) From this pagan beginning, the story of the Virgin Mother (Queen of Heaven) spread throughout the world. In:

Martin did not specify what he meant by this phrase, "the Dove is loose"; clearly, however, he might have been referring to this common Roman depiction of the Virgin Mother. What Martin is saying, then, is that the ancient worship of the Pagan Virgin Mother is now loosed in the world.

Still later in Ancient Babylon, both the worship of the Virgin Mother and her symbol, the Dove, "identified her with the Spirit of all grace ...the Holy Ghost." (p. 79). Thus, the Pagan Trinity is God the Father, the Son, and the Virgin Mother. Indeed, the Roman Catholic Church has made this same claim, as Hislop noted, in the nineteenth century (p. 83). Hislop concludes, "The Madonna of just the Madonna of Babylon. The Queen of Heaven in the one system is the same as the Queen of Heaven in the other." (Ibid)

Notice the dramatic spread of this false Virgin Mother doctrine throughout the known world. She was worshipped in Rome, Greece, Egypt, Babylon, China, Japan, and Tibet under different names. We assert that the revival of Mary worship today will result in the world's religions coming together into one religion, in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy that the establishment of the kingdom of Anti-Christ will be aided by the One-World Religion. Let us review these Biblical prophecies.

Revelation 13:11-18 and Chapter 17 reveal that a False Religious Prophet will arise to assist the Anti-Christ in attaining full control of the world. The False Religious Prophet will control a world-wide False Religious System. Verse 18 of Revelation 17 asserts that this Religious System "is herself the great city which dominates and controls the rulers and the leaders of the earth". To possess this much power, this False Religious System must command the fervent worship of most of the peoples of the world. How can it be that the great non-Christian peoples, throughout the world, could unite with Roman Catholics in worshipping the same deity? The common worship of the divine goddess, the Virgin Mary, plays a large part.

But, the rest of the story rests in the common worship of the Black Madonna. What Black Madonna, you ask? The Mary of Jesus is white, or olive, but certainly not black. Right? Wrong!! Roman Catholicism has reverted to the worship of the Black Madonna in most countries throughout the world. This Time Magazine article states that one of most-heavily visited shrines in the world is the shrine of the Black Madonna, in Czestochowa, Poland. Of course, this Pope, John Paul II, is from Poland. Kathleen O'Hayes, of National Christian Research, states in her tape of the coming global Marion Apparition, that Pope John Paul II considers himself "the slave" of the Black Madonna. Kathleen further states that the Catholic Church placed Poland under the protection of this Black Madonna early in the 1950's. This development is of huge significance in our study of how the major religions of the world could be drawn into a One-World Religion in the very near future.

The first place in which to look is in antiquity. Hislop, in his book, The Two Babylons, notes the prevalence of the worship of a negro god or goddess, throughout the known world.

"...the great god Buddha is generally represented in China as a Negro..." (p. 57).

"In Egypt, the fair Horus, the son of the black Osiris, who was the favorite object of worship." (p. 69)

"It is [incredible] to find in what widely-severed countries, and amongst what millions of the human race at this day...a negro god is worshipped." (Ibid)

"...the Virgin in Algiers Cathedral is a Negress..." (Introduction by Donald Grey Barnhouse, D.D.).

Now that we have established that the worship of black deities has long been an integral part of Paganism, and that this practice has extended to the Virgin Mary, let us now examine how the worship of the Black Female Goddess in Roman Catholicism is building a common bridge to the entire Pagan world. We will turn to New Age writings for this portion of our study.

In his most blasphemous book, The Armageddon Script, Peter Lemesurier writes enthusiastically about the worship of the Great Mother Earth. He writes as though he is an astronaut in a spaceship in orbit around our planet. "As they rounded the barren lunar globe for the...last time, and the resplendent half-earth once again rose from behind that now familiar curved and rocky horizon, what they saw coming up to meet them was strangely familiar. An image straight out of the racial memory. A god out of the world of the archetypes. It was none other than the rounded form of the Great Mother, Earth herself, clad in the same flowering robes of shimmering blue and white that had been those of mother-goddesses of earth and sky throughout man's history - and not least his most recent mother-goddess, the Virgin Mary herself..." (p. 245-6).

Peter Lemesurier, as a Pagan worshipper, has no difficulty recognizing the truth that the worship of the Virgin Mary is ancient Pagan idolatry. Therefore, non-Christian Pagans the world over will have little difficulty accepting the worship of the Roman Catholic Virgin Mother.

Another New Age writer, China Galland, a practicing American Buddhist, has written a very revealing book entitled Longing For Darkness. Galland enthusiastically establishes the commonality between the Virgin Mary and other Pagan goddesses.

"Durga, the warrior queen...was the only one who could restore harmony and set the world at peace...the gods sang her praises, called her the Queen of the Universe..." Remember the Time Magazine, quoted above, which reports that one of the names by which the Virgin Mary is known is the Queen of the Universe? Galland continues:

"I had come to find the Buddha Tara, but instead I found the goddesses Durgan and Kali...Kali, the death-dealer and life-giver, the end and beginning of time. She was a deity of such proportions as I had heard only God the Father in Christianity described. The fact that Kali is dark and female turned my Catholic upbringing inside out...Some say she is black because black is the color in which all dist-inctions are dissolved, others say she is black because she is eternal night." (p. 27) These two goddesses are Hindu.

The Buddhist goddess, Tara, was the object of Galland's search as she travelled the Far East. However, she was startled when she discovered that there are Hindu texts that describe Kali as Tara." (p. 30) This discovery links Hinduism with Buddhism.

Later, back in the United States, Galland discovered another New Age book entitled Mother Worship, by author Tara Doyle. This book reported the phenomenon of the Black Madonna in Switzerland. Galland records, "I didn't recall that there were any dark female divinities in Christianity. I thought they were unique to religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. I could remember virtually nothing about a dark or black Madonna despite my years of Catholic upbringing... A brief entry in Newsweek magazine caught my eye. The Virgin Mary was reported to be appearing in the barks of trees in...Poland. I was intrigued...It seemed to be such a similar phenomenon to what had been reported about the Tara ..I wondered what was going on in the spritus mundi, the spirit of the world, that reports of female deities literally emerging out of rocks and trees were surfacing in both East and West. The simultaneity was symbolically important..."(p. 49-50).

Later, Galland asks a Buddhist Master Teacher about the connection between these appearances, "I showed him the magazine clipping on the reported appearance of the Madonna in the bark of trees in Poland...[he replied] it is very similar to what we are talking about here. We have many occurrences like this in Tibetan Buddhism. We call it rangjung, it means self-arising ...These things appear because of the power and blessings of enlightened beings. Such beings work through the power of mental substance and the power of concentration..." (p. 65-66) Galland recounts her later meeting with the Dalai Lama. When she asks him about the Blessed Mother appearing in the bark of trees in Poland, he agrees that this phenomenon is Buddhist rangjung. (p. 95)

We should not be surprised that Satan is now causing female deities to appear all over the world at this moment in history. If this is indeed the end of the age, then it is time for Satan to draw together his prophesied church.

Galland continues her study of Black Goddess worship by attending a Black Madonna seminar given by another New Age author, Gilles Quispel, who is the Historian Of Religion at Utrecht University. Galland reports, "For Quispel, the Black Madonna plays a crucial psychic role which he described in Jungian terms as symbolizing the earth, matter, the feminine in man, and the self in woman...Unless men and women alike become conscious of this primeval image of the Black Madonna, and integrate it within themselves, humankind will be unable to resolve the problems of materialism, racism, [and] women's liberation..." (p51)

This statement is incredible because it is so New Age Pagan. What Quispel is saying is that the Black Madonna is such a basic, foundational element in the deepest recesses in the minds of all men, that she is the only answer to man's most critical needs. Only when people the world over recognize and worship the Black Madonna can there be true peace and unity in this world. The Black Madonna is the one common denominator among the religions of the world.

But there is more. We have studied that the drive to the New World Order was officially started on May 1, 1776, as Jesuit priest, Adam Weishaupt, founded the Masters of the Illuminati. Listen to Galland continue. "...St. Ignatius gave his sword to the Black Madonna of Montserrat in Spain, became a priest, and founded the Jesuit Order..." (p.52). This unbelievable information ties the worship of the Black Madonna to the Jesuit-based Masters of the Illuminati. Both the worship of the Black Madonna and the Jesuit Order are completely Roman Catholicism.

But, there is yet more incredible revelation from Galland in her book, Longing For Darkness. Some time after she had received her revelations from her Buddhist Master Teacher about the Black Madonna, she was practicing Buddhist meditation. "...As I continued to sit, Christ began to appear in my meditation, then Mary...I began to let myself see Christ, to visualize him behind me. I accepted him into my practice. As I continued the daily meditations, Mary gradually took a place on my left, the Buddha on my right... Mary and Jesus were my witnesses at first; then, over time, beloved friends. The Buddha Tara was always in front of me." (p. 67-68).

These meditations clearly show how Satan is moving the various false religions together in this end of the age. China Galland was visited in her occultic Buddhist meditations by three demons who represented themselves as

Jesus Christ, the Roman Catholic Virgin Mary, and the Buddhist Tara. Millions of other people practicing similar New Age meditations are being similarly deceived. Make no mistake about it: Satan is drawing all the world's religions into one. The single most important common denominator in this evolving One-World Religion is the world-wide worship of the Virgin Mary/Black Madonna.

This goddess worship ties together approximately 75% of the world's population. (Information taken from "Alamac 1991".)

While Mohammedism does not venerate the Virgin Mother, the Time Magazine article quoted above states, "Even the Koran praises [the Virgin Mary's] chastity and faith." (p. 62)

* Protestants 351 million

Even liberal Protestants are changing aspects of their view of Mary. This Time Magazine article states, "Church of England theologian John Macquarrie has proposed revisions of such dogmas as the Assumption of Mary into heaven...Theologian Donald Bloesch of the University of Dubuque says fellow conservative Protestants 'need to see Mary as the pre-eminent saint' and 'the mother of the church'. Similar convergences will receive a thorough airing in February [1992], when U.S. Catholic and Lutheran negotiators issue an accord, years in the making, on Mary's role." (p. 66).

At this point, we have a potential membership of these false religions of 4 billion 500 million people.

* Finally, the cult of the worship of the Virgin Mother is drawing the many Feminists of the New Age Movement into her grasp. This Time Magazine article states this very graphically. "When he was made a bishop in 1958, John Paul...chose as his Latin motto Totus Tuus (All Yours)_ -- referring to Mary, not Christ...John Paul made Mary's unifying power a centerpiece of his papal arsenal...Although the Pope lauds Mary for her submissiveness, it is in relation to God, not to male-dominated society..." (p. 64-65). The impact of this stance has been dramatic in Feminist circles. "Jane Schaberg, who chairs the religion department at the University of Detroit... contends...that the unwed Mary was impregnated by a man other than fiance Joseph, and that she was a liberated woman who was not identified or destroyed by her relationship with men." This article continues, "...that notion of super-natural feminine power is alluring...There has been a stupendous upsurge in goddess research and the feminine divinity as an antecedent to the male god...Judeo-Christianity has been exclusively male, leaving a gap that cries out for feminine divinity." (p. 65-66)

Thus, you can see the tremendous drawing power which the Virgin Mary, especially the Black Madonna, is having between the various religions of the world. Satan has wisely implanted similar goddess worship in the many false religions of the world. Incredibly, he has even success-fully corrupted Christianity through the Roman Catholic teaching of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The time has now come to draw all the world's religions together into the False Religious System in the book of Revelation.

The stakes are enormously high. Turn to Revelation 17:18, "And the woman that you saw is herself the great city which dominates and controls the rulers and the leaders of the earth." What are the implications of the leadership of the False Prophet of this world-wide False Religious System? Turn to Revelation 13:11-18, to see the activities of this False Prophet.

Thus you can see that the False Prophet will be directly responsible for the killing of many saints of God during the Great Tribulation. This is why God refers to this False Religious System as a great harlot seated on a beast with seven heads and ten horns. This woman represents the False Religious System of the Great Tribulation. She is pictured as being "drunk with the blood of the martyrs who witnessed for Jesus". (Rev 17:6).

Now is the time for all people to discern the signs of the times accurately. We are living in the period of time immediately preceding the Great Tribulation. The planned appearance of the Anti-Christ by the New World Order is very close. This resurgence of the cult of the Virgin Mary, especially the Black Madonna, is only one of many, many signs that the Great Tribulation is upon us.

Are you spiritually ready?

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