An assortment of Historicist Speakers, listen as they bring this great Truth to life!

By Alan Campbell

In this study, Pastor Alan mentions some of this "doctrine's" most glaring contradictions: why should the carnal, worldly believers of this "Laodicean" church age expect to be "raptured" away before any tribulation, whenever many of God's choicest saints in past ages endured much persecution, many paying the ultimate price for their faith? Daniel didn't escape the lions' den, nor Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego the fiery furnace but the Lord brought them through these trials.

The U.S.A., Romanism and the Mexican Invasion

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"The Fifth Trumpet of the Apocalypse"

"The Sixth Trumpet of the Apocalypse"

The Great Left Behind Delusion Part 1

The Great Left Behind Delusion Part 2

Prophecy Overview 2 Peter 1:19-21 (Explains why the Book which the Spirit of the Lord describes as a "Revelation" has become instead a "Mystery" to so many people. Exposes the "Jesuit" origins of the "Futurist" system of interpretation which has captivated and confused the majority of the Evangelical world today.) Listen to this first

The Mystery of Iniquity The Pauline prophecy of Antichrist in 2 Thessalonians.

Was Peter the First Pope? Matt 16 Exposes the false claims of the Papacy. Shows which Simon went to Rome. Interesting light on how the Gospel came to Britain.

The French Revolution in Prophecy Rev 15, 16 (The historical fulfillment of first Vial of Revelation Chapter Sixteen.)

Islam in Prophecy Rev 9 (The rise and fall of the false prophet system of Islam as outlined in the Book of The Revelation.) Part 2

The Secret Rapture - Is it Scriptural?  (Exposes the Jesuit origin of this doctrine and refutes the supposed 'proof' texts.)

The Reformation in Prophecy (Shows that the Protestant Reformation was not just the greatest Revival since Pentecost but also an amazing fulfillment of prophecy).

Two, Seven, Thirteen, A Key to Prophecy Daniel 2 and 7, Revelation 13 (The basic tenets of Historicism explained with the aid of an easy to remember formula. Begin in Daniel Chapter 2, move on to Chapter 7 and then end in Revelation Chapter 13. Discover the '2-7-13' key to interpreting Biblical prophecy.)

The Measuring Rod and Two Witnesses Revelation 11 What was the 'Temple' of God that had to be 'measured' and what was the 'reed like unto a rod' used for this purpose? Who were the 'Two Witnesses'? Why do the Scriptures say that their 'dead bodies' lay in the street for 'three and a half days' and how did they stand on their feet again? What was the 'great earthquake' and how did the 'tenth part of the city' fall?

Antichrist Revealed in History and Prophecy The historical and prophetic identification of the Papacy from the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as well as the Epistles of Paul and John.)

Series by the Rev. Prof. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee titled "Islam in the Bible."

Islam in the Bible (1 of 3) The Classic Reformation View
Islam in the Bible (2 of 3)
Islam in the Bible (3 of 3)

Islam in Revelation #1 Islam in Revelation #2 Islam in Revelation #3 (Muslims in Bible Prophecy) - Elliott, M'Leod, Steele, Faber and Newton

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A History of the Church of Scotland from the Reformation to the Glorious Revolution

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