Table of Contents
to Vol. I.

Preliminary Essay.


Part I.

  1. Introductory Remarks on the Four First Seals
  2. First Seal
  3. Second Seal
  4. Third Seal
  5. Fourth Seal
  6. Fifth Seal
  7. Sixth Seal
  8. Sealing and Palmbearing Visions, Preface
    1. Imitations of Apostacy Begun
    2. Antidote to the Apostacy in the Revelation of the Doctrines of Electing Grace

Part II.

  1. The Silence in Heaven
  2. The First Four Trumpets
    1. Interpretatory Principles of the Symbols in the First Four Trumpets
    2. Historical Fulfilment of the First Four Trumpets
  3. Forewarnings of Coming Woe
  4. The Fifth Trumpet, or The First Woe
    1. Local Appropriateness of Scripture Symbols
    2. Origin of the First Woe
    3. Progress of the First Woe
  5. Pause Before the Sixth Trumpet
  6. The Sixth Trumpet, or Second Woe
    1. Occasion of, and Agency Employed in, The Second Woe
    2. Other Characteristics of the Agency in the Second Woe


On the Domitianic Date of the Apocalypse

On a Medallic Illustration of Nerva’s Cretensic Origin

On the Roman Coins and Coinage