Table of Dates Part I



33 Descent of the Holy Ghost On the Day of Pentecost
62 Martyrdom of St. James the Less
64 Persecution by Nero begins
68 Martyrdom of St. Peter and St. Paul
70 Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus
95 Persecution by Domitian
100 Death of St. John
116 Martyrdom of Ignatius
166 Martyrdoms of Justin and Polycarp
168 Montanus publishes his heresy
177 Persecution at Lyons and Vienne
190 Tertullian flourishes
202 Persecution by Severus begins
Martyrdom of Origen’s father
206 Martyrdom of Perpetua and her companions
248 Cyprian, bishop of Carthage
249 Persecution by Decius
251 Paul, the first hermit
Troubles at Carthage; Novatian schism
253 Plague at Carthage
254 Death of Origen
Disagreement between Cyprian and Stephen of Rome
257 Persecution by Valerian
258 Martyrdom of Cyprian
260 Conversion of the Goths begins
261 Valerian prisoner–Gallienus tolerates Christians
270 Manes publishes his heresy
298 Diocletian requires idolatry from soldiers, &c.,
303 The last general persecution begins
311 Separation of the Donatists from the Church
313 End of the persecution
314 Council of Arles about the Donatists
319 Arius begins to publish his heresy
324 Constantine defeats Licinius,declares self Christian
325 The First General Council held at Nicaea–Arius condemned–The Nicene Creed made
326 Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria
335 Council of Tyre
Athanasius banished to Treves
336 Death of Arius
337 Death of Constantine
338 Athanasius restored to his see
341 Second banishment of Athanasius
343 Persecution in Persia
347 Revolt, defeat, and banishment of the Donatists
348 Ulfilas, bishop of the Goths
349 Second return of St. Athanasius
356 Third exile of Athanasius
Death of Antony the hermit
361 Julian emperor–Paganism restored
362 The Donatists recalled
Athanasius restored, but again banished
Attempt to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem
363 Death of Julian
370 Basil, bishop of Caesarea, in Cappadocia
372 Gregory of Nazianzum consecrated bishop of Sasima
373 Death of Athanasius
374 Ambrose, bishop of Milan
378 Gregory of Nazianzum goes to Constantinople
379 Theodosius, emperor
380 Gregory, bishop of Constantinople–Death of Basil
381 Second General Council held at Constantinople–Gregory withdraws from his see
385 Execution of Priscillian
387 Baptism of Augustine
Sedition at Antioch
390 Massacre at Thessalonica, repentance of Theodosius
391 Destruction of the Temple Of Serapis
395 Death of Theodosius
Augustine, bishop of Hippo
397 Death of Ambrose
Chrysostom, bishop of Constantinople
400 Pelagius teaches his heresy at Rome
403 Death of Telemachus at Rome
Council of the Oak–Chrysostom banished, recalled
404 Chrysostom banished to Cucusus
407 Death of Chrysostom
409 The Romans withdraw from Britain
410 Rome taken by Alaric
Pelagius and Celestius in Africa
411 Conference with the Donatists at Carthage
412 Ninian bishop of Whithorn
415 Councils in the Holy Land as to Pelagius
429 Pelagianism put down in Britain by German & Lupus
430 Death of Augustine
431 Third General Council held at Ephesus–Condemnation of Nestorius
432 Death of Ninian–Patrick goes into Ireland
449 “Robber Council” meets at Ephesus
Landing of the Saxons in England
451 Fourth General Council held at Chalcedon– Condemnation of Eutyches
Attila in France–Deliverance of Orleans
452 Attila in Italy
455 Rome plundered by Genseric
476 End of the Western Empire
484-519 Schism between Rome and Constantinople
493 Death of Patrick
496 Conversion of Clovis
527 Justinian, emperor
529 The heathen schools of Athens shut up
Benedict draws up his Rule for monks
541 Jacob leader of the Monophysites
553 Fifth General Council held at Constantinople
565 Columba settles at Iona
Death of Justinian
589 Third Council of Toledo–The Spanish Church renounces Arianism
Columban goes into France
590 Gregory the Great, bishop of Rome
596 Mission of Augustine to England
597 Landing of Augustine in Kent–Conversion of Ethelbert
604 Deaths of Gregory and Augustine