The Papacy: Its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects

by Rev. J.A. Wylie, LL.D.
Author of “The History of Protestantism”

London: Hamilton, Adams, & C.
Edinburgh: Andrew Elliot

About Rev. J.A. Wylie Book I – History of the Papacy

Chapter One Origin of the Papacy

Chapter Two Rise and Progress of Ecclesiastical SupremacyThe Vatican

Chapter Three Rise and Progress of the Temporal Sovereignty

Chapter Four Rise and Progress of the Temporal Supremacy

Chapter Five Foundation and Extent of the Supremacy

Chapter Six The Canon Law

Chapter Seven That the Church of Rome Neither has Nor Can Change Her Principles on the Head of the Supremacy

Book II – Dogmas of the Papacy

Chapter One The Popish Theology

Chapter Two Scripture and Tradition

Chapter Three Of Reading the Scriptures

Chapter Four Unity of the Church of Rome

Chapter Five Catholicity of the Church of Rome

Chapter Six Apostolicity, or Peter’s Primacy

Chapter Seven Infallibility

Chapter Eight No Salvation out of the Church of Rome

Chapter Nine Of Original Sin

Chapter Ten Of Justification

Chapter Eleven The Sacraments

Chapter Twelve Baptism and Confirmation

Chapter Thirteen The Eucharist–Transubstantiation–The Mass

Chapter Fourteen Of Penance and Confession

Chapter Fifteen Of Indulgences

Chapter Sixteen Of Purgatory

Chapter Seventeen Of the Worship of Images

Chapter Eighteen Of the Worshipping of Saints

Chapter Nineteen The Worship of the Virgin Mary

Chapter Twenty Faith Not to be Kept with Heretics

Book III – Genius and Influence of the Papacy

Chapter One Genius of the Papacy

Chapter Two Influence of Popery on the Individual Man

Chapter Three Influence of Popery on Government

Chapter Four Influence of Popery on the Morals and Religious Condition of Nations

Chapter Five Influence of Popery on the Social and Political Condition of Nations

Book IV – Present Policy and Prospects of the Papacy

Chapter One Sham Reform and Real Re-action

Chapter Two New Catholic League, and Threatened Crusade against Protestantism

Chapter Three General Propagandism

Chapter Four Prospects of the Papacy

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