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589-615 Missionary labours of St Columban
612 Mahomet begins to publish his religion
627 Jerusalem taken by the Mussulmans
632 Death of Mahomet.
635 Settlement of Scottish missionaries in Holy Island
664 Council of Whitby
724 Beginning of controversy as to images
--- Victory of Charles Martel over the Saracens
734 Death of the Venerable Bede
715-755 Missionary Labours of St Boniface
752 Pipin becomes king of the Franks
787 Second Council of Nicaea
794 Council of Frankfort
800 Charles the Great crowned as emperor
--- Forgery of Constantine's donation
Death of Charles the Great
826-865 Missionary labours of Anskar
846 Forgery of the False Decretals
860-870 Conversion of Bulgarians, Moravians, Bohemians, &c
912 Foundation of the Order of Cluny
962 Otho I, emperor
988 Conversion of Basil, great prince of Russia
999 Sylvester II, pope
994-1030 Conversion of Norwegians
1046 Council of Sutri
1048 Pope Leo IX.-- Beginning of Hildebrand's influence over the papacy
1073 Hildebrand elected pope (Gregory VII )
1074 Foundation of the Carthusian Order
1085 Death of Gregory VII
1098 Foundation of the Cistercian Order
1099 Jerusalem taken in the First Crusade
1113 Order of St John (or Hospitallers) founded
1116 Order of the Temple founded
1123 Agreement between pope and emperor at Worms
1147-1149 The Second Crusade
1153 Death of St. Bernard
1154 Nicolas Breakspeare, an Englishman, chosen pope (Adrian IV)
1170 Murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket
1189 The Third Crusade
1198 Innocent III elected pope
1203 Constantinople taken by Crusaders
1208 England put under an interdict
1208-1229 War against the Albigenses
1215 Fourth Council of the Lateran--Innocent sanctions the Dominican and Franciscan Orders of Mendicant Friars
1240 First Crusade of St. Lewis
1270 Second Crusade and death of St. Lewis
1274 Second Council of Lyons
1294 Election of Pope Celestine V
---- Election of Pope Boniface VIII
1300 Boniface celebrates the first jubilee
1303 Death of Boniface
1310 The popes settle at Avignon
1312 Council of Vienne--The Templars dissolved
1377 Gregory XI moves the papacy from Avignon to Rome
1378 Beginning of the Great Schism of the West
1384 Death of John Wyclif
1414-1418 Council of Constance
1415 Pope John XXIII deposed
---- John Huss burnt by order of the Council
1417 Election of Pope Martin V and end of the Schism
1418 Religious war of Bohemia breaks out
1431 Council of Basel opened
1438 Council of Ferrara and Florence
1453 Constantinople taken by the Turks
1455 Invention of Printing
1464 Pope Pius II vainly attempts a crusade
1498 Death of Savonarola
1503 Death of Pope Alexander VI
1517 Appearance of Martin Luther as a reformer