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In 1872 Westcott started another group which he named the ‘Eranus’. Sidgwick was, of course, one of the select members, as was another S.P.R. official, Arthur Balfour. Hort also belonged and his son said that it was a “senior Apostles” club. “The originator of the idea was the present Bishop of Durham’s [Westcott]; its members met regularly. Hort’s room hosted meetings during 1877. 80

During this period (the 1870’s) Sidgwick was actively involved in séances at “Balfour’s townhouse.” These séances “composed of their friends,” appear to be the same “group of intimate friends” described in the membership of ‘the Apostles’. 81 Who’s Who in ‘the Apostles’ and Eranus Clubs is as current as the direct mail Christian book catalogue received in my mail today. Members, such as Trench, Alford, Lightfoot, Westcott and Hort, all have books in print today, which the academic and seminary communities list as ‘standard works’ on the Greek text of the New Testament. 82


The Necromancers