Protestant History

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Pre Reformation Before 1517 The Dark Ages

Johann Gutenberg

Johann Gutenberg

William Tyndale

William Tyndale


The Waldenses Yesterday and Today  (
Historic Waldensian Sites  (
The Waldenses and the Bible ~H~
The Waldensians

The Waldensian Movement

Wycliffe – The Morning Star of the Reformation

John Wycliffe
John Wycliffe Ahead Of His Time (
John Wycliffe  ~H~
John Wycliffe Dr. Gene Scott  (
The Great Controversy John Wycliffe
The Father Of The English Bible
Lollards English Dissenters (
John Wycliffe 1328-1384 ~H~
John Wycliffe2


John Huss
John Huss – Jan Hus David L. Brown
Jan Huss, Priest and Marytr 6 July 1415
John Huss – Theopidia
Wyclif and Huss: Two Attempts at Reform


Simon Magus ~H~
The Papacy In History And Prophecy
The Medieval Inqusition
Innocent III and The Great Schism  ~H~
The Christian Catacombs of Rome
Did Peter Ever Visit Rome?
Was Peter Ever Pope?


Popish Myths About St. Patrick (
Theological Roots (
Urich Zwingli (
The Lollard Society (
The Church in the Wilderness (

Reformation Era 1517 – 1603

The Little Book was the Bible


Protestant History
Chart of Protestant Reformers ~H~

The Reformation

The Reformers View of Antichrist
The Reformation – Frontline Fellowship (
The Reformation Guide (
The Protestant Reformation (
Overview of the Protestant Reformation (
The French Revolution, Predicted accurately by Historicists ~H~
Reformation and Counter Reformation ~H~
The Counter Reformation (
The Anabaptists (
What Started The Protestant Reformation?
Reformation in Prophecy
The History of the Christian Church ~H~
Manuscripts, Books, and Maps
The Protestant Reformation
The Reformation
Reformers of the 16th Century

A Whirlwind Tour of the Protestant Reformation (
The Reformation in Prophecy Guiness
Why the Reformers were Burned J.C. Ryle (
The Reformation and the Church of Rome

Martin Luther

Martin Luther
Martin Luther (
Martin Luther – Extensive References (
The 95 Thesis by Martin Luther (

John Knox

John Knox – His life (
John Knox
Catholic Mass is Idolatry by John Knox
John Knox: The Watchman of Scotland (
The Thundering Scot


Calvinism and Arminianism (
Calvinists In History (


Protestant England Henry VIII (
English & Irish Royalty and Reformation
History of the Church of Scotland Audio (
Edward VI – The Young Josiah (
Edward VI and Northumberland (
The Reformation in England (
The Printing Press (
Reformation Map (
Lady Jane Grey
History of the English Bible (
The Reign of Edward VI (
The English Reformation (
Death of William Tyndale (
Resources on The Scot’s Reformation (
The Life and Times of Queen Elisabeth I
Queen Elisabeth’s Speech
Elizabeth I
Henry VIII (
The Reformation in Scotland
The Church of England
The Reformation in England (
The History of the Reformation in Scotland
A Letter From Elizabeth
Andrew Grey- The Youngest Puritan


Wars of Religion
The Printing Press and the Reformation (
Melanchthon 500th Anniversary Exhibit (
A Voice from the Philadelphian Church Age


The Jesuits and Elizabethan England ~H~
Arminianism: The Road to Rome!
The Spanish Armada of 1588 (
The Spanish Armada
The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Day (
The Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
Catholics versus Huguenots (
The Defeat of the Spanish Armada
The Counter Reformation (
The Jesuits, Origin, Objectives, & Methods
History of Futurism & Preterism

Reformation-the Catholic Point of View

Post Reformation 1603 – 1700

Persecution scatters a remnant to the New World


Who Were the Hugenots? (
French Huguenots in the Hudson Valley (
Contributions of Huguenots in South Africa (
Hugenots in South Africa (
Hugenot Society of South Africa (
The National Huguenot Society
The Huguenot Heritage (
Huguenot & Protestant Reformed Chronology (
The Huguenots Heritage (


Elizabethan Catholics (
The Glorious Revolution, July 12, 1690 (
King William III of Orange (
Oliver Cromwell
Battle of the Boyne Day July 12! (
The Gunpowder Plot
The Gunpowder Plot Pages (
The Gunpowder Plot, Treason in 1605 (
The English Civil Wars (
Orange Street Congregational Church
Oath of Sinn Fein (
King James VI & I Page


Origins of the Society of Jesus ~H~
The Thirty Years War (
Rome The Hidden Years (
Rome Part 2 The Squires and the Hierarchy (
16th Century Overview
Pre Enlightenment Europe (
Bullinger and the Second Helvetic Confession (

The Orange Order

The History of Orangeism (


Protestantism in America (
The Puritans
America as a Religious Refuge

Enlightenment 1700 thru 1800

The French Revolution and the end of the 1260


1700-1800AD From Europe to America
The Wesleys (
American as a Religious Refuge

Orange Order

What is the Orange Order? (
Orange Order (


A History of Methodism by John Wesley (
Methodist History Bookmarks (


The September Massacres
The French Revolution by Leroy Froom ~H~
Louis XVI (
The French Revolution
The French Revolt and Empire
The Napoleonic Guide
The Vial Judgements ~H~
British Newspaper Coverage of the French Revolution

19th Century

20th Century

The Laodicean Church and the time of Jacob’s Trouble

Pope Welcomes Queen Elizabeth to the Vatican!!
Protestant Issues From Ulster Loyalist (
The Source of Britain’s Greatness (
Rome Ruins U.S. Public Schools!!
Ethnic Cleansing Must Be Condemed (
None Dare Call it Treason (
Blair, Clinton and the New World Order (
Mark of the Beast
Rupert Murdoch, published NIV
Tolerance,Compromise & Jack Van Impe ~H~
Babylon the Great (Part 5)
The Van Impes’ Downward Slide (
Armageddon in America ~H~
Christianity & The NWO Part I
Christianity & The NWO Part II
Christianity & The NWO Part III
Christianity & The NWO Part IV
Promise Keepers, Masonry & The Illuminatti (

21st Century

Declaration on Christian Zionism (
Jerry Falwell denies special dispensation for Jews (
Falwell: Jews can get to heaven without Jesus
Lobbying for Armageddon (
Tom Ridge Romeland Insecurity Director is a Roman Catholic and Knights of Columbus!!
As Bush Wins, Blair Signs It Away (
Lindsey Is Wrong – ‘Temple’ Will Not Be Rebuilt (
Oral Roberts’ Prophetic Word Of August 2004
God Is Fixin’ To Make You Rich!
Movement to declare Mary Co-redemptrix
The Gospel According to America
The One World Relgion Advances (
Christianity’s Problem Is Not Lack of Political Involvement (
The World is Ending…Maybe Tomorrow! (
Prisons-Shut Them All Down Ted Weiland
The prison industry in the United States (
The Most Important Casualties of Sept 11 Are… (
Where are the True Christians? (
Trying to Force the Rapture
Where is the Trouble in the Holy Land? (
The Idolators of Zionism (
The Bush Administration: Globalist Jacobins William Grigg (
Exporting the French Revolution to the World Claes G. Ryn
War Without End-Bush Proclaims Jacobin Crusade
The Rapture Cult Path of Death ~H~
Balanced View of Popes (
Part Two by Sherman H. Skolnick
Hal Lindsay Wants War on Iran (
Gods for the Godless by Tupper Saussy (
Christian Zionism Defined by Stephen Sizer
History of Christian Zionism by Stephen Sizer
Christian Zionism from
Judeo-Christians’ Role by Charles E. Carlson ~H~
Christianity & the New World Order Eric Jewell
History of Futurism and Preterism Gospel Herald
The Left Behind Deception