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The Seventy Weeks


The Real Parenthesis by David Vaughn Elliott
Isaac Newton's Interpretation of Daniel 9
Daniel 9:24-27 The Scope of The Prophecy
If I were Told the Future - The Seventy Weeks
Seventy Weeks and 2300 Days
The Starting Point - 457 BC
The 70 Weeks from
The 70 Weeks from Let God Be True
The 70 Weeks Prophecy - Peter Salemi
The 70 Weeks - Antipas
The 70 Weeks - Charles Jennings
The 70 Weeks - Ralph Woodrow
The 70 Weeks -
The 70 Weeks - Richard Gunther
Daniel's Seventy Weeks- the Role They Play in Prophecy
Dispensational Chronology Wrong
The 70 Weeks Chart


The Seventy Weeks and the Tribulation by Phillip Mauro
Adam Clarke's Commentary - Daniel 9
The Geneva Study Bible Dan. Chapter 9
The Seventy Weeks Prophecy by Fred P Miller

The Arch of Titus in Rome
Commemorating the Fall of Jerusalem

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