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The Satanic Influence on the Scofield Bible

“Certain men, crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation.” Jude 1:4

Joseph Canfield in The Incredible Scofield provides a clue that helps unravel the mystery which surrounds the Scofield Bible. He states that on the second page of the introduction to the first B.F. Westcottedition published in 1909, Scofield acknowledged that he had been influenced by two Oxford Bible scholars, B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort.1

Scofield traveled to Oxford University just prior to the The Incredible Scofieldpublication of his Bible. At the time, these two men were highly regarded authorities on the Greek New Testament. However, the recent controversy over the King James Bible has thrown a flood of light into the dark corners of their lives. The revelations have been shocking.

Westcott was a bishop in the Anglican church and Hort a Professor of divinity but both men had abandoned their Christian faith. Westcott formed a club while an undergraduate at Cambridge called Hermes.2 Hermes is another name for Satan and was bi-sexual or androgynous. These clubs were noted for the intensity of the homosexual relations between its members.3

In 1851, Hort and Westcott started the Ghost Society which over the years included some of the most noted intellectuals in England including future Prime Minister Arthur Balfour.4Balfour was at the center of an elite group which had inherited great political power, wealth and social position. 5 They were leaders in the occult revival of the 19th century and founders of the New Age Movement with Luciferian Helen Blatavsky.6

Hort and Westcott were committed Communists.7 They hated America and democracy. 8 There was a close tie between their occult group and Marxism in England.9 And under the leadership of the powerful Arthur Balfour they began working on what has become the one world religion and the New World Order.10

A key strategy in bringing about this one world religion involved replacing the King James Version which was standard in their day with a revised text where words were added and removed and meanings changed.11 Hort and Westcott’s New Age Versions have virtually replaced the King James version today.

Not content with changing God’s word, Scofield’s credit reveals they also worked to change bible prophecy. Historicism had been the standard for 500 years. But the publication of the Scofield Bible resurrected the old Jesuit futurism with a Zionist twist.Today the policies of our country are dramatically influenced by futurism and Christian Zionism while few have even heard of historicism.

During the years they worked on the revised text they secretly met at night and held séances with their depraved society. These meetings were often held at Arthur Balfour’s residence or townhouse.12 They are acknowledged today as the fathers of modern channeling.13 Channeling involves inviting a familiar spirit or diving demon into ones body.

Channelers or mediums frequently end up in bondage with the occult. This practice is an abomination to God who warned that “in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and the doctrines of devils.(1 Timothy 4:1) Men with familiar spirits in the Old Testament were to be put to death.

According to Scofield, the real influences behind the publication of the Scofield Bible  were two men who were influenced or possessed by demons. Their motivation was not to glorify God but to bring about a New World Order with a New World Religion based on spiritualism.14


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