Did the Martyrs throughout the Age expect to be lifted out of their tribulations?

The Rapture/Left Behind | John Hagee | CI Scofield | Dave Macpherson | Hal Lindsey | John Darby | Edward Irving | Jack Van Impe | Tim Lahaye| Thomas Ice |Margaret Macdonald


Tim LaHaye, leading proponent of the

Tim LaHaye, leading proponent of the Rapture. Author of the Left Behind Series

The Origins of the Secret Rapture Hoax


Left Behind by the Jesuits by Steve Wohlberg
The Secret Rapture by Alan Campbell
America, We Have A ProblemWhat Really Happened
Questions Concerning the Rapture - The Patmos Papers
In Defence Of Historicism, Replying to Thomas Ice
Dispensationalist Timeline by James Whisler
A Historical Critique of Dispensationalism, Zionism, and Daniel's 70 Weeks by Mark Dankof
Forcing God's Hand by Sweet Liberty
Christian Zionism: History, Theology and Politics by Stephen Sizer
The Rapture of the Saints by Duncan McDugal
New Age Imagery Helps Popularize Prophecy -The Indwelling
A Closer Look At The Rapture by Bill Britton
The Rapture or Tribulation? -The Pathfinder
The Secret Rapture - GOBEDO
The Truth About the Rapture -Bible Light
The Rapture Lie by J Preston Eby
Dispensationalism and the King James Bible by James Whisler
The Evil Empire of Jesuit Futurism by Steve Wolhberg
The Rapture - Is anything Missing? by Steve Wohlberg
The Rapture Hoax! by Billy Blankenship
Left behind"-fact or fiction? by Billy Blankenship
Another Look at the Rapture by Billy Blankenship
Another look at the Rapture. Part two! by Billy Blankenship
Trying to Force the Rapture by Johnathan Richards

From The Rapture Cult by Robert L. Pierce

Born In Scotland, Reared In England
Nurtured To Maturity In America
Grown Fat, Prosperous, and Influential


The Secret Rapture - Is it Scriptural? 
The Great Left Behind Delusion Part 1
The Great Left Behind Delusion Part 2


The Two-Door Gospel of John Hagee
Why Christians Should Support Israel
John Hagee’s Dual Covenant Duplicity
The Other Gospel of John Hagee by G. Richard Fisher
Critics say John Hagee's compensation is too high By Analisa Nazareno
Evangelical Christians plead for Israel By Richard Allen Greene


Arno C. Gaebelein and the Scofield Bible Reference Notes
The Institution Behind Scofield by James Whisler
Samual Untermeyer, The man Behind Scofield - Historicist.com
Hort and Wescott and the Scofield Bible - Historicist.com
The Scofield Reference Bible - Historicist.com
Christian Zionism
The Zionist-created Scofield "bible" - We Hold These Truths
The Greatest Hoax - Sweetliberty.org
Samuel Untermeyer - Sweetliberty.org
Cyrus Ingerson Scofield Stephen Sizer
Scofield - The Man behind the Myth - Powered by Christ
The Incredible Scofield and His Book
Christain Zionism Fixing the Blame Part I - We Hold These Truths


The Rapture Index (MAD THEOLOGY!)
The Real Manuel Lacunza
Lahaye's Temperament
Scholars Weigh My Research Updated!
Thomas Ice - Hired Gun
The Pretrib Hoax
The Unoriginal John Darby
X-Raying Margaret
Famous Rapture Watchers!
LaHaye's Temperament
Deceiving and Being Deceived
Mrs.Billy Graham's Rapture Views
The Rapture Hoax

Brother Dave's books can be purchased through
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The Mother of Modern Prophecy- C.C Carlson
What in God's Name?
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Historicist.com
General Teachings and Activities Bible Discernment Ministries
The Father of Apocalyptic Christian Zionism- Stephen Sizer


John Nelson DarbyJ The Father of Premillennial Dispensationalism
5 Deadly English Jesuits!!
Origins Of Pretribulation Belief


Edward Irving The Rapture and the Rupture Between Israel and the Church
The Rapture and the Rupture Between Israel and the Church


Roman Catholicism, Unity, The Pope & Endtimes
Tolerance, Compromise and Jack Van Impe
The Van Impes' Downward Slide


Reverend Doomsday
From The Council for National Policy
Tim & Beverly LaHaye
Left Behind's and LaHaye's Masonic Connections by James Whisler
Left Behind New Age Imagery Helps Popularize Prophecy
Are You Already 'Left Behind'?
Tim LaHaye & Psychoheresy
Tim LaHaye Promotes Sigmund Freud
Tim LaHaye (with Jerry Jenkins) Book Review, The Left Behind Series

Margaret MacDonald

The Rapture Theory: It's Surprising Origin
Scholars Weigh My Research - Dave MacPherson
Margaret McDonald's Vision in 1830 - Apostacy Now

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